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Amazon Kindle DX eReader

If you’re looking for an eReader, the Kindle DX from Amazon with a larger screen and global wireless might be fore you.Amazon Kindle DX eReader

The Kindle DX is larger than the previous versions with a 9.7″ e-ink display compared to the 6″ on the standard Kindle.  It can display 16 shades of gray for sharp text and easy on the eye images. But, what can you read on the display?  How about over 400,000 books, US and international newspapers, magazines, blogs and anything you can find in the PDF format.

To store all that reading material the Kindle DX comes with 4 GB of internal memory, of which about 3.3 GB is available to store user content.  Since this is black and white and mostly text material, that means a lot of books.  Those books and periodicals can be downloaded in under 60 seconds using the free 3G global wireless that comes with the Kindle DX.  You don’t need a PC or a WiFi hotspot to download what you want. And by global it means that you have wireless capability in over 100 countries.

The Kindle DX has improved on battery life and now you can read up to a week on a single charge.  If you want to read for 2 weeks then turn off the wireless coverage, to prolong the battery life.  It takes about 4 hours to fully charge with the included US power adapter. It can also be charge via the micro-USB 2.0 port on the Kindle DX.

Another feature the Kindle DX has to differentiate it from the standard Kindle, is that the screen auto-rotates depending on its orientation.  No need to crane your neck, just turn the Kindle DX and the screen moves with you.

The Read-to-Me text-to-speech feature you can listen to books, newspapers or magazines be read to you by the Kindle DX.  However, many rights holders have requested that their books not have this feature enabled.

The Kindle DX supports the 60,000 titles of audiobooks from, which you can transfer over to the Kindle with the USB port.  Listen to the books on the Kindle DX’s speaker or through the headphone jack.

If you have an iPhone or other supported device you can keep your books in sync.  Just stop reading on one device and pick up where you left off on the other device.  No losing your spot with the Kindle.

The Kindle DX comes with a QWERTY keyboard and  a 5-way controller for searching and navigating around the screen.

The Kindle DX is small and light.  Dimensions are 10.4″ x 7.2″ x 0.38″ and it weighs only18.9 ounces.  Easy to carry around in your purse or manpurse.

The Kindle DX comes with a 1-year warranty and can be purchased from for $489.

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