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Zune HD 32GB MP3 Player

If you’re looking for an MP3 player that’s not made by Apple, then the Zune HD may be for you.Zune HD 32GB MP3 Player

The Zune HD is Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s dominance in the music player market. While not as popular, it does offer many interesting features.

This version has 32GB internal flash memory which can store up to 10 hours of high-definition video, up to 48 hours of standard-definition video, 25,000 pictures or 8,000 songs or combinations of all of them.  Those numbers vary depending on factors such as compression, formats, resolutions and bit rates.

The Zune HD also has a beautiful 3.3″ OLED color display with 480 x 272 pixels and 16:9 aspect ratio (for widescreen movies). Scratch-resistant glass and touch-screen QWERTY keyboard for added convenience.  The Zune HD operates in both horizontal (for movies) and vertical modes (for music).  OLED displays do not need a backlight to operate so they can be thinner, and display richer colors.

Supported audio formats include WMA, AAC (without DRM) and MP3.  Video formats supported are WMV, MPEG-4 part 2, H.264 and DVR-MS.

Speaking of thin the Zune HD is only .4″ think.  With a 2.1″ x 4″ form factor, it’ll fit in your pocket with ease (unless you have really small pockets). By comparison an iPod Touch’s dimensions are 4.3″×2.4″×0.33″.

This MP3 player comes with an integrated FM and HD radio tuner for listening to your favorite HD radio stations. Song tagging technology allows you to tag songs for purchase later from the Zune Marketplace.

You stream music using the built-in 802.11b/g wireless connection.  This allows you to buy, stream and update your music, as well as download free games. You can wirelessly sync your Zune HD to your PC over your home network. WEP, WPA and WPAZ encryption for wireless security. There is also a built-in web browser to surf the Internet wherever you have a wireless connection.

With an optional dock you can get HDMI or Composite video out of the Zune, when you want to display your video on a screen larger than 3.3″.  It’s a handy edition that might be a good addition.

The Zune’s battery gives 33 hours of music playback and up to 8.5 hours of video playback.  From empty it takes about 3 hours to charge the Zune HD from your computer or 2 hours using the AC adapter.

The 32 GB Zune HD music, video and game player can be found for around $270.

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