The winner of the t-shirt is:    Brian Geiger of Mississippi.

Here are the answers for the What Would Jesus Run t-shirt contest.

User ID 92656842 - The clues were "Al", "Bad Hair Day", and "lastphone".  This turned out to be the most difficult one for everybody.  It also received the most creative guesses.  The correct answer is that the user ID spells out YANKOVIC on a standard telephone pad.  Several other people saw some connection to pi with 9265 being the 5th-8th digits of pi.  Others thought it was the number for Domino's pizza when dialed from work. Some of the more creative answers were:

"if you add all the digits up you get 42, the answer to life, the universe, and everything" - 3 people came up with this.

"um, ok, so, 9/26 is the day that Wierd Al (badhairday.com) is playing Youngstown, OH.   Or something.  The rest of the numbers are just biggerish you threw in to confuse me!"

"acording to what God has told Al, represents the time, in seconds, which we have to prepare for Jesus' second coming, beginning from the time of his post.  That gives us approximately two years and 330 days from today to straighten our act up."

""\AD*", decimal number pair ASCII encoding" - 2 people came up with this one.

"the number whose square root is 9625.8424"

"OS of the lord?? for christ sakes, i'm jewish...was this his high school locker combination???  i hacked it for about 2 minutes and decided to drink a beer instead...next question please... "

User ID 8675309 - The clue was "Jenny".  The answer is "867-5309" Jenny's phone number from the Tommy Tutone song.

User ID 317537 - The clue was "Les".  The answer is LESLIE.  The younger entrants thought it was l33t h4x0r speak, but really it's just reading it upside down on a calculator.

User ID 55378008 - The clue was "You're such a boob."   The answer is BOOBLESS as read upsidedown on a calculator.  Strangely most people got this answer, but not everyone got the previous one.

User ID 11235813 - The clue was "Fibonacci".  This one was way too easy.  The answer was the first 7 numbers of the Fibonacci sequence.