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Reasons AOL raised their rates

11. Customers now get double the unlimited amount of time per month.
10. Faltering internet sector, sagging demand perfect time to raise prices.
9. Guy who says, "You've got mail." renegotiated his contract.
8. Much better deal for customers. Before it was $263.40 for a full year now it's only $262.90 for those same 11 months.
7. Trying to change Americans belief of, "If it costs more, it's better."
6. Now that an address cost more to get, it gains that much more prestige.
5. Building up cash reserves for Year 2000 apocalypse.
4. AOL chat rooms getting new carpet.
3. Nuclear warheads are getting expensive.
2. Ted Turner needs to buy his soul back from Satan.
1. The invoice finally came due for all those CDs they sent out years ago.

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