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Friday, April 20 12:01 AM EST

Take This One-Click Patent and Shove It

By Brian Briggs

Ann Arbor, MI - Emboldened by the recent court victory of Barnes and Noble against Amazon's Patented One-Click system, BBspot (a tech humor web site) has decided to go forward and offer their One-Click Stories.

"Our technology stores all the reader information that is required to read a story in our database and when a reader utilizes our One-Click Stories it's just click-and-read," said BBspot Editor Brian Briggs.

The BBspot One-Click system is also touted as being more efficient than the Amazon One-Click System. Mr. Briggs said, "The Amazon system should be renamed the 1-Click-and-Wait system. You have to wait 3 or 4 days, sometimes more, for your product to arrive. My system is One Click-and-Enjoy! A single click and the story is there instantly, or almost instantly if you're on a dial-up connection."

Other sites are taking a wait and see approach. "I'm very interested in the technology, but I don't have the resources to fight a lawsuit that a major site like BBspot does," said SatireWire's Treat Warland. "I'll wait until the smoke clears and until then I'll just use standard links for my stories and not the Single-Click ones."

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was infuriated, "We don't break out our lawsuits by the company we've filed them against, but I can say with great confidence that BBspot is probably on that list. As soon as we have some money to pay our lawyers we'll be filing suit. Of course everything we do is to enhance the experience for shoppers at"

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