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Wednesday, October 17 12:00 PM EDT

Signs You are Forgetting the Difference Between Your Eyes and Your GeForce
By Will Walker, Jesse Lee John LaCourse and Mark Vonhoffe

11. You look at the sunset and think "I wonder if I can get this in 1024x768."
10. You blink and think "crap, more frame loss."
9. You stare at a leaf for hours and hours trying to discern the pixels.
8. You refer to people who use artificial things like Glasses and Contacts as "lousy VooDoo folk."
7. You avoid large groups for fear of overloading your polygon renderer.
6. Looking toward the horizon, you proudly announce "I found the clipping plane."
5. Your vision gets blurry and immediately you think "crap, need new drivers."
4. When you drive and the other guy has his brights on, you curse the gamma levels.
3. You seriously believe one eye has better OpenGL support than the other.
2. You complain to your doctor about biased benchmarks after failing your eye exam.
1. You sing the praises of nVidia engineers each time you see your reflection in a car bumper.

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This one goes to 11.

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