Wednesday, November 17 12:00 PM EDT

Lies Computer Science Students Tell Themselves

11. I'm almost done with this project.
10. I don't need to know this. I'll never have to debug Fortran code.
9. I don't care if Microsoft offers me a million bucks I'll never work for them.
8. I'm so glad we're learning cutting-edge technology that I'll be able to apply as soon as I graduate.
7. When I get out of here I'll be able to influence corporate IT decision making.
6. The stagnation of the IT industry is merely temporary.
5. With all the tinkering I've done on PCs, these classes are going to be CAKE!
4. The massive network of friends I've developed on ICQ is really going to come in handy when I start looking for work.
3. My ray tracer will revolutionize the gaming industry.
2. Working in a cubicle is a healthy and rewarding working environment.
1. I'll go party after I finish this perl script.

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This one goes to 11.

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