Wednesday, December 17 12:00 PM EDT

Other Computer Terms Banned by Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County recently asked vendors to stop using the term master/slave in product descriptions and labelling. Here are some other terms that they wanted changed and their alternatives.

11. SCSI - Cleanliness impaired
10. Killer App - Socially Maladjusted App
9. USB - USA
8. Floppy Drive - Erectile Dysfunction Drive
7. DIP Switches - Mentally Challenged Switches
6. HyperThreading - Attention Deficit Disability Threading
5. Heat Sink - He/Sheat Sink
4. Winmodem - Funmodem
3. ATAPI Device - Native American Device
2. Motherboard - Non-gender Specific Parentboard
1. Cancel/Retry/Abort - Cancel/Retry/Allow Woman to Choose

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This one goes to 11.

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