Thursday, July 8 12:00 AM ET

Reasons Geeks Stay Up Late

11. To watch the 12 disc extended director's ultimate special cut edition of Lord of The Rings on DVD.
10. Online gaming with friends in Singapore.
9. Too much adrenaline from extreme programming methodologies.
8. Desperately trying to remember that backdoor password you put in back in 1997.
7. Trying to knock 20 seconds off of Windows boot time.
6. Feeling guilty about being curt with a dumb customer today on tech support line. (OK, who am I kidding, you slept like a baby on morphine).
5. Searching in crate of floppies for one that still works.
4. Can't wait to see the result of the defrag.
3. It's 11:00pm and you're only on the third reboot while trying to install Win98.
2. Maybe getting that job in Greenland wasn't such a good idea after all.
1. Breeze from twenty cooling fans keeps you awake.

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This one goes to 11.

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