Wednesday, October 13 12:00 PM ET

Geek Phobias

11. Ornithotakuphobia - Fear of having a bird fly into your house and take a crap on your Anime figurines and toys.
10. Hypnojediphobia - Fear of being victim of Jedi Mind Tricks.
9. Rectoriaaphobia - Fear of being financially ruined by an file-sharing lawsuit.
8. Seplopizzaphobia - Fear that the year-old pizza that's decaying in the corner will become sentient.
7. Chrometoramophobia - Fear of spending too much money on RAM.
6. Megaduophobia - The fear of any number other than 0 or 1.
5. Codexplodaphobia - Fear that the one line of code you changed will completely screw up the program or entire application.
4. Wipadiskaphobia - The fear of erasing your holiday photos from the camera before you copied them to PC.
3. Scrudbywinnaphobia - The fear of Windows crashing before get a chance to save.
2. Russophobophobia - In Soviet Russia, phobias fear you!
1. Botanophagophobia - Fear of eating vegetables or plants, unless they've been deep-fried beforehand.

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This one goes to 11.

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