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Wednesday, February 2 12:00 PM ET

Signs You've Joined the
Wrong Software Company

11. There's an altar in honor of Bill Gates in the lobby
10. The backspace key activates a trap door beneath your chair
9. Code walk-throughs conclude with an Auto-da-Fe
8. Everyone has goatees
7. Dilbert is starting to seem funny
6. All the other employees are lawyers.
5. Competitors are referred to as 'market insurgents'
4. The URL to your project's requirements documents is prefaced with ""
3. Your XP pair programming partner routinely quips "Wonder twin powers, activate! Form of...a ternary operator!"
2. Your free carpal tunnel wrist support is embroidered with the company logo
1. Rather than muzak, the elevator plays Bollywood soundtracks to keep the troops in line


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This one goes to 11.

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