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Tuesday, January 17 12:00 AM EDT

Ways to Make/Save Money from Your PC Mods

11. After cutting holes in the case, sell the pieces as decorative coasters.
10. Mount a wind turbine on your case exhaust to convert that precious wind into power.
9. Use the hot water from the water cooler to heat yourself water for a much needed bath.
8. Write "will crunch numbers for food" on piece of cardboard from the computer box.
7. Those huge headphones should work nicely as earwarmers in the winter.
6. Use neon-equipped PC as night light for kid's room.
5. Rent out unused space to grad students.
4. Attach the hot air exhaust to the back of your clothes dryer.
3. Use Dremel tool and chip pullers to open amateur dentistry practice.
2. Rent out your PC for use as a runway light at the local airport.
1. Turn it off for 10 minutes a day to save bundles on your electric bill.

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This one goes to 11.

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