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Tuesday, September 19 12:00 AM EDT

Top 11 Reasons to Become a Visual Basic Programmer

By Jim Reynolds

11. When competing for a job, most of the other applicants can't speak English.
10. After 2-3 years experience, you are considered a "senior" developer.
9. You get to make fun of MS Access developers. Hey, at least there's somebody worse off than you.
8. If something you made doesn't work, you can always blame Microsoft.
7. No formal education required, just ability to click NEXT in the wizard.
6. You never have to worry about maintaining code because it will just be rewritten.
5. You won't have to buy a new wardrobe. Khakis and polos are as good as it gets.
4. Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition comes with a "Blackjack Card Game Starter Kit"
3. Almost everything you need to know is in the "Complete Idiots Guide."
2. On your resume, you can include beta testing for SOE and NCSoft 3. No one knows what you do. Make them think its important.
1. Get your diploma and start your career half-way through junior high!

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This one goes to 11.

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