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Tuesday, August 14 12:00 AM EDT

Signs You May Be the Geek Choice for President

11. You offer amnesty to Han Solo for killing Greedo without provocation.
10. You say your administration will work together with the efficiency of the Borg.
9. You have a passing familiarity with the scientific method.
8. You legally change your name to Pedro, so everyone can keep wearing their Vote for Pedro shirts.
7. You avoid the suit and tie look, and go for the T-shirt with pithy saying look.
6. You mention victories in Civilization as part of your experience in international relations.
5. You find ways to quote Holy Grail in your stump speech.
4. You promise to appoint a Klingon in the Department of Defense.
3. You choose Weird Al to create your campaign song.
2. You refuse donations from the RIAA and MPAA.
1. You suggest that you favor Net Neutrality as well as Net Lawful Neutrality and Net Chaotic Neutrality.

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