Tuesday, January 29 12:00 AM EDT

Ways Geeks Would Prepare for an Apocalyptic Asteroid Impact

11. Start a "preparing for armageddon" blog.
10. Calculate force at which asteroid will hit Earth and compare it to power of Vorlon planet killers.
9. Wait patiently for Ford Prefect.
8. Go crazy with the credit card at the Apple store.
7. Start post-apocalyptic movie marathon and take notes.
6. Encase yourself in carbonite for preservation.
5. Point out that we should've listened to Hawking and gotten off the planet.
4. Blame it on Microsoft.
3. Buy one of those crank-powered laptops.
2. Find location of impact on Google Maps.
1. Start cranking out more SETI units in hopes of finding an alien civilization that can save Earth.

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