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Tuesday, January 15 12:00 AM EDT

Signs Your DVD Format Is Failing

11. It's been out 6 months already and no one has even attempted to crack the DRM.
10. G4 has started making a "Where are they now?" show about your format.
9. It's not backed by the porn industry.
8. Fans are already starting to complain about the wrong format winning.
7. The format isn't backed by any evil companies.
6. Studios suggest changing the name to Betamax II.
5. Michael Bay totally dissed you.
4. The only studio releasing films in your format is Uwe Boll's.
3. Watching the DVD has caused hair loss in mice.
2. Manufacturers start complaining about the requirement for the octarine laser needed to read the disks.
1. There is a 5% chance your TV may catch on fire.

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