Tuesday, May 19 12:00 AM EDT

Things to Do When Google Goes Down

11. Paste a paper map over your monitor and then move your chair around to simulate the zoom and pan features of Google Maps.
10. Randomly type stuff into the address bar and hope it works.
9. Walk down your street taking pictures, then look at them on the computer.
8. Deal with a 404'd homepage.
7. Promise to switch to something other than Gmail. Forget the promise as soon as it's back.
6. Complain about it on Twitter... great, Twitter is down too.
5. Ask coworkers if they know where to find any nude Britney pics .
3. Explain to your mother that "the Internet" isn't down, just Google. "But Google is the Internet." "No, mom."
2. Ask it to brush its teeth when it's done.
1. Switch to the paper version.

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