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Tuesday, July 28 12:00 AM EDT

Things Overheard During the World of Warcraft Movie Screening

12. "Hello good sir, we have 20k gold in this theater, would you like to buy some?"
11. "This really captures the frustration of online play."
10. "Man, I could be ganking Horde in The Barrens instead of watching this..."
9. "WTS Ticket for next showing."
8. "This movie is only for raiders. I wish they would've put in more casual player content."
7. "The shaman is way overpowered."
6. "Do you think the characters will reach level 80 in the sequel?"
5. "I loved the cameo by Leroy Jenkins"
4. "Bruce Campbell is the Lich King?"
3. "What is this? 24 FPS? What are they running this on a 300Mhz Celeron with a TNT2 card?!?!!?"
2. "Goddammit! I can't control my chara... oh."
1. " Did you see the video of the kid freaking out because his mom wouldn't let him see the movie?"

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