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EULA Terms You Shouldn't Agree To

11. By installing this software you agree to pledge allegiance to your new machine overlords.
10. All your base are belong to us.
9. By looking at this box you forfeit the right to complain about the government.
8. We will be held harmless for infecting you with the ebola virus embedded in the hologram on the CD.
7. By opening this package we may empty your bank account without further notice.
6. By installing this software you give us the right to use your computer as a porn repository for our devs.
5. This software may only be used to further the goals of the Aryan Nation.
4. Developers will become entitled to first born male child.
3. We are now legally married, and entitled to all rights that entails.
2. Disobeying the terms of this agreement will result in activation of the "hope to die" clause, but not before invocation of the "stick a needle in your eye" clause.
1. By agreeing to the terms of this license, ownership of your soul will be transfered to Hell, Inc.

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