Monday, September 14 12:00 AM EDT

Ways to Save BBspot

by Jordan Baugher

11. Main page becomes giant ad for Evony.
10. Brian finally decides to act as Esenam Ayele's intermediary.
9.  For a small donation, your boss won't receive an e-mail informing him how much time you spend each day on while 'working'.
8.  Every article from this point forward will have the word 'boobs' in its title.
7.  BBspot will be published monthly in e-book format.
6. Subscribers can watch Brian 'perform' on his webcam, and the amount raised will be directly proportional to the amount of clothing he wears.
5. Name change to GGspot.
4. BBspot removes its disclaimers, pretends to be a real news site, and still manages to be more factual than FoxNews.
3. Site updates are outsourced to Brian's Indian counterpart.
2. Daily links strangely start pointing to sites selling Cialis and Viagra...
1.  Or you could just cough up a few bucks for the cause.

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