Tuesday, November 17, 12:00 AM EDT

Reasons Darth Vader Makes a Bad Lunch Date

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11. The lack of menu options disturbs him.
10. He keeps using the Force to steal your fries.
9. Eating soup through the mask is pretty disgusting.
8. Drones on and on about the time he won a pod race on Tatooine.
7. Always says he has to leave to attend to "Imperial business" before the check comes.
6. Hooters waitresses keep complaining about the heavy breathing.
5. Gets noticeably upset if you say the restaurant is charging you an arm and a leg.
4. Always using his Blackberry to check his email.
3. Keeps saying "I have you now" every time he picks up something with the chopsticks.
2. Makes bad Tie Fighter jokes at Thai restaurant.
1. Never checks his cape at the coat check. "It's not a coat, it's a cape!"

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