Tuesday, November 3, 12:00 AM EDT

Things Nerds Can Do that Average People Can't

11. Name 3 series Wil Wheaton has guest starred on in the past 24 months
10. Name all six Star Wars movie titles without hesitation
9. Name the closest star to Earth with certainty
8. Explain reasons how Twitter can be useful
7. Write geeky top 11 lists
6. Accurately calculate everyone's portion of the dinner bill including tip, without pulling out their cell phone calculator.
5. Fly without fear due to understanding Bernoulli's Law and the principles of fluid dynamics.
4. Fix your computer just by using it, even though it kept crashing for you before
3. Win on Jeopardy
2. Laugh at all the jokes in The Big Bang Theory
1. Use pwned in the proper context

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This one goes to 11.

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