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Signs the Christmas Card is From a Geek

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11. The elves are less "North Pole" and more "Rivendell."
10. You open it up to find: #include <StdXmasGreet.h>
9. In the front Good Santa; On the inside Evil Santa (with a goatee).
8. It has a star date -313019 instead of Dec 25th 2009.
7. The stormtroopers have wreaths around their necks.
6. It requires you to enter a public key to open.
5. It says Happy Winter Solstice from the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
4. It contains an in-depth explanation of why the picture of Santa delivering toys on the front represents an impossibility.
3. It plays the Imperial March when opened.
2. It comes from the Marvel Christmas Collection.
1. It requires a roll of 10+ on a d20 to save from the poison.

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