Tuesday, December 8, 12:00 AM EDT

Most Unlikely Things Said During an Online Video Gaming Session

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11. Look there's a woman on our server. Let's all be sure to be polite and accomodating to her. If she wants to date one of us, I'm sure she'll tell us. We don't have to proposition her.
10. BBIAB. I think I'd better take a shower.
9. Could some of you noobs please join our team? I'm tired of winning.
8. My penis is smaller than yours, physically as well as metaphorically.
7. I didn't die from Lag. I died because I'm really bad at this game.
6. The programmers of this game are really great people, who care a lot about game design and the quality of play for the players.
5. I'm tired of whining.
4. Yes, you are right. I was using a cheat mod. I apologize and will stop playing this game.
3. You are heterosexual.
2. It's OK that you got the whole party killed. Just chalk it up to experience.
1. Those Horde players sure are a nice bunch.

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