Tuesday, January 19, 12:00 AM EDT

Reasons to Abandon IE6, or Else...

(I'm not implying that any BBspotters would be using IE6)

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11. The rebel alliance will steal the plans to the Deathstar
10. Steve Ballmer will eat a puppy.
9. Geeks will tease you mercilessly and steal your lunch money.
8. Chinese hackers will steal your girlfriend.
7. Your Internet cables will give off a scent that attracts rats, mosquitoes and Scientologists.
6. Even AOL users will laugh at you.
5. The FSM will smite you with its noodly appendage.
4. You'll be permanently redirected to the slow Internet.
3. You'll never find out what's in the EULA for IE7/8.
2. Jay Leno will come and take your job.
1. The W3C will put a hit out on you.

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