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Top 11 Celebrity Botnets

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With the Chuck Norris Botnet ravaging the Internet, we decided to take a look at some of the lesser-known active celebrity botnets.

11. Jay Leno Botnet - Does nothing for 3 months and then takes over your computer.
10. William Shatner Botnet - Takes over routers... one... by... one...
9. Steve Jobs Botnet - Removes all traces of sexually suggestive material from your PC.
8. Kevin Bacon Botnet - connects you to every other botnet in the world in six jumps.
7. Michael Bay Botnet - Pummels your computer into submission by making thunderous booms until it opens up.
6. Christian Bale Batman Botnet - Appears out of nowhere and growls at you.
5. Admiral Akbar Botnet - It's a trap.
4. Paris Hilton Botnet - Opens all your ports.
3. Bender Botnet - Reprograms PCs to kill all humans.
2. Adam Sandler Botnet - Inserts Rob Schneider into everything
1. Gary Larson Botnet - Infects calendar software with anthropomorphized cows.

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