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Top 11 Geek Winter Olympics Events

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11. Ultimate Overclocking - A computer covered in snow, how fast can you make it go.
10. Battlebot Curling - Slide your robot warrior down the ice and let it fight for position inside the scoring circle. Sweeping could be very dangerous.
9. Geek Biathlon - Playing a First-person shooter while cross country skiing. Most headshots and fastest time wins.
8. Commercial Jump - Olympians are given 2 hours of Winter Olympic programming from NBC, and must get through it as fast as they can on a TiVo without missing any of the actual content. Remote control hacks are legal.
7. Downhill Wii-ing - Playing Wii Games while sliding down the side of a mountain.
6. Bobsled Chess Playing - Make sure the NBC cameras get a shot of your team playing chess while you race down the hill.
5. Speed Texting - Contestants with the highest texting speed on a Blackberry while wearing mittens wins.
4. Tux Racer - Participants dress as the Linux mascot and slide down a mountain gathering fish.
3. Outdoor Survival - You're given a Swiss Army Knife, USB coffee warmer and a tauntaun. How long can you survive the cold?
2. Action Figure Snow Manning - Participants are rated for speed and creativity as they recreate their favorite action figures in snow.
1. Junkyard Snowball Trebuchet - Teams must construct a trebuchet from material they gather from a junk pile. The furthest snowball hurled wins.

Thanks to my Buzz friends for helping complete this list.

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