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Top 11 Social Networks You Shouldn't Join

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11. TheCollective - You can try to avoid joining, but resistance is futile.
10. Morkut - Where everyone talks like the Robin Williams character.
9. CellMates - You probably want to avoid qualifying to join this site.
8. RealFriendsBook - Boring because there are only a couple people on it.
7. S***FacedBook - You only have friends when you're drunk.
6. PiSpace - Only join if you're irrational.
5. OnlyFarmvilleNotices - That's all there is, there's nothing more.
4. PantsParty - And you're invited.
3. JackMyCar - Announce to the network of carjackers where you'll be, and they'll be right on it.
2. CatFancier - People who love cats are just plain weird.
1. ZitterFace - ewww.

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