Thursday, April 22 12:00 AM ET

The iPad Song

By Francisco Rangel.

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To the tune of The Zephyr Song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers

See the keynote presentation
Check out Steve Jobs' new creation
With this feeling of elation
I don't need no information
See that big touchscreen display - I drool
Gotta have one now today

I know Flash is not supported
And it's not USB-ported
Multi-tasking's not been sorted
Lack of camera's reported
But I'll buy one very soon - for me
Show it off and make you swoon

I'm gonna get an iPad.
I know you think I'm quite mad.
You say it's just an iFad
You jealous, mean, uptight cad.
I will have it.

Stand in line, such an endeavor
Feels like I've been here forever
Been four days here now, however
Soon I'll have one, ain't I clever?
Look inside, it's on display - for me
This is gonna be my day

Well, I just bought my iPad
Spent all the money I had
But this device is quite rad
I think now I can die glad.

I'm an Apple fanboy showing my devotion
All the world can kiss my ass
I got my freakin' iPad
The one that you wish you had

Want want want want want want - I do
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Want want want want want want - don't you?
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

I had to sell my iPad
The expectations I had
Were not met, now I cry sad
I bought too soon, well, my bad

I'm an Apple fanboy showing my devotion
What they sell, I have to buy
And though I sold my iPad
My time with it was so rad
It's so rad

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