Top 11 You're at the Wrong Convention

11. You want a droid that speaks the language of binary vaporators, but all they have are R2 units on the show floor.
10. Sarah Palin is there and not in an ironic way.
9. Wil Wheaton's not there (offer void at Penguicon).
8. Chris Hansen is at the entrance with a film crew.
7. No one else is dressed as a Wookiee.
6. Everyone applauds when members of the RIAA are introduced.
5. When you walk in there's a crowd chanting "Carousel."
4. Part of your entrance fee is a deposit on your bail, just in case.
3. The name of the convention is "To Serve Man-a-rama"
2. Everyone is wearing a suit and tie, and no one has sunglasses.
1. They let Brian Briggs be on the panels.

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This one goes to 11.

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