Top 11 Signs Your Laptop is Overheating

11. Your asbestos jeans burst into flame.
10. You can fold the screen down and it works as well as your George Foreman grill.
9. The awesome bubbling visual effects on the screen are not your screensaver.
8. You've downclocked the CPU so much that the Commodore 64 team is overtaking you on Folding@Home
7. You're switching your CPU temp monitor to Kelvin Réaumur, so the temp stays in double digits.
6. Now that spring has finally arrived, it doesn't even work outside anymore.
5. It can run spreadsheets and cauterize wounds.
4. Every port on your system is Firewire.
3. The coins in your pocket have turned into a single molten mass.
2. Al Gore shows up to kick your ass.
1. Frodo tosses the one ring into your keyboard.

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This one goes to 11.

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