Top 11 Reason Microsoft Kinect Will Fail

11. Motion sensing cameras don't have wide enough lenses for Americans.
10. Parents boycott Kinect for games that make kids do a humping motion.
9. The robotized mannequins being used to cheat develop into killer robot fighting force that destroys humanity.
8. Nationwide panic as Febreze supplies dwindle to get rid of the smell of sweat from living rooms.
7. UFC game results in an epidemic of injuries from gamers pummeling each other into submission.
6. Leisure Suit Larry game delayed and doesn't become the killer app.
5. Spinal Tunnel Syndrome afflicts many after playing Repetitive Motion Hero 3.
4. People will get sick of hearing "My cat jumped on me" as an excuse for poor gameplay.
3. Already have a bowling game on the Wii.
2. Great majority of gamers have been diagnosed with "not moving" disease.
1. It's called Kinect.

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This one goes to 11.

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