Top 11 Signs You're a Geek Watching the World Cup

11. When the ref shows a yellow/red card you scream "<player's name>! I choose you!"
10. You don't need to watch the games because your computer simulation has already predicted the winner with a 98.256% confidence.
9. You're collating clips of all the groin shots for a YouTube video.
8. During the game you're hacking the FIFA database of officials, so you can harrass them for all the bad calls.
7. After each match you write a fanfic story based on the events in the game.
6. You're live blogging the games and it's not your job.
5. You're recording the games so you can calculate the velocity of each shot and put it in your spreadsheet.
4. You're using a game controller to pretend that you're controlling the players.
3. You've pre-built a vuvuzela filter for your TV.
2. You can identify each of the participating countries on a map.
1. You're turning the entertaining bits into animated GIFs.

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This one goes to 11.

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