Top 11 Signs Your Smart Phone May Be Too Smart

11. There's an app to replace you.
10. Phone numbers must be typed as any operation using only prime numbers.
9. It's afraid it can't let you do that, Dave.
8. It ridicules you about your SAT scores.
7. It tells you when you hold it wrong.
6. The help function now just says "I give up!"
5. It's ringtone sounds condescending.
4. It complains about having a brain the size of a planet and all it does is forward your text messages and run Angry Birds.
3. You accidentally hit a wrong key and sent a communications satellite screaming into the atmosphere.
2. Instead of a beep, it sighs in exasperation every time you complete an action.
1. It refuses to run fart apps.

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This one goes to 11.

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