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Tuesday, April 9 12:00 AM EDT


By jackrabbit

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

Its been so damn long since I drew a comic, most of you probably forgot me. But I'm still around, and since you're reading this, you must be, too. THANK YOU for that. Being as I have a limited fan-base (and getting limiteder), I should probably get off my lazy ass and try to draw more comics. I will truly try. Scouts honor.

Thanks to all the readers who sent me or Brian email with encouragement and support of the comic. If it weren't for you, Fuzzy Logic might have fallen off the edge of the earth into the Hell of the Unfunny Comic, never to be seen again. I had lost the Joy of Drawing and only recently stumbled back upon it. I'm hoping my relationship with the Joy of Drawing lasts longer than the one I had with Liza Taylor back in the 10th grade. I'm sure I was a disappointment to her, too. :)

For those of you that have just joined us... um... I'd do a summary, but frankly I've forgotten what's going on, too. I think Greg and Marcia just had a big fight and CJ is trapped in a well. You'll have to check the archives to be sure.

Thanks for reading,

See you in a few units of time!

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