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Tuesday, April 13 12:00 AM EDT

Diversion Tactics

By jackrabbit

Free Shipping. I love the idea of it essentially based solely on the "no money" aspect of it. The thing that kills me is that any time you order something that offers free shipping, you can't expect it any time soon. Last week I ordered FarCry from Best Buy cause it was on sale and had free shipping. Because I'm fundamentally lazy, and despite that I drive past Best Buy almost every day, I figured it was easier than actually going to the store to have it delivered to my door. On top of that, at the time I was still playing a lot of Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. I figured in the three or four days that it would take to get to my home, I'd have beaten Splinter Cell and have time to play Far Cry.

That was 8 days ago. The tracking info says it's been in Illinois awaiting delivery since last week Tuesday.

You know how some packages have delivery instructions on them? Like "Fragile", "Leave at Neighbors", and "Dogs In Yard Will Eat Package if Left Inside Fence." Mine must say "Deliver when you're not otherwise busy." or "I don't really want this purchase to ever arrive."

Free Shipping, I hate you.

I'm not even going to get started on the bonehead things the delivery guys have done in the past, but lets just say if you ever want a free laptop, just wait near my porch.

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