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Tuesday, May 25 12:00 AM ET

Hopped Up On Goofballs

By jackrabbit

I forgot my password (or logon) after the BBspot server changed over and Brian went to bed before I could have him reset it. I have it saved at work, so should I be up before he is (unlikely) I'll post the comic.(I remembered!-jr)

Well, as you can see, no one made a guest comic for me while I was off getting drunk and wasting my family inheritence in New Orleans. Probably for the best. The story line gets complicated what with me drawing a new character every week and plots losing their thread every few comics... I did draw a fill-in comic for the week I was gone that's not related to the story arc and is essentially just reused art that's built differently. I just couldn't come up with any text to drop into it, so should I ever have a "Caption FuzzyLogic Contest", I already have the comic part.

Anyhow, still playing way too much City of Heroes, though everyone I know plays much more. I'm only just starting to catch up in levels, and that's only because everyone else has started secondary characters. Still on the fence if I'm going to pay for next month or just give up the habit. I'll let you know next week.


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