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Tuesday, June 15 12:00 AM ET

Mortal Combat

By jackrabbit

Wow, what a crummy day today turned out to be. Between work sucking, and having to fix seemingly every computer I stand near, I finally got to draw today's comic. I was half afraid my hard drive was going to crap out, as that would be the third one this week, and we all know bad things come in threes. I think marshmallow peeps come in fours though. And Olsens come in pairs (happy birthday, girls).

I've been toying with the new gmail from Google, and I have to say it's pretty cool. I really have no real need for another email account, but I was curious to see what all the hubbabaloo was about. I'm also pretty sure hubbabaloo is either a word or the big bear from Jungle Book. Either way, I think you kow what I'm getting at. So, yeah... gmail is cool.

I may have mentioned I was really excited about Full Spectrum Warrior. I got it a while back and can say it's not all I had hoped for. I'm still trying to like it cause there's nothing worse than plopping down $50 for a game and finding you'll never play it. Think of all the starving kids I could feed with $50. Or all the marshmallow peeps I could buy!

Anyhow, as you can tell I've been awake too long. See you next week.


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