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Episode 0:  A New Beginning

FuzzyLogic started out with this simple black and white drawing in early
October of 2000.  The original target demographic was a handful of
game playing geeks that I have known for about a year.  I figured the easiest
way to create characters would be to use exaggerated versions of the geeks
themselves and thereby have a captive audience.  I picked the two I knew
best, added a better dressed version of myself, and started making up a
story.  I never expected the comic to last more than a few weeks since I have
the attention span of a brain damaged goldfish, but so far it has managed to
stretch to thirty-one episodes and counting.

I had just finished drawing Episode 23 when a friend of mine pointed me to
BBspot's search for a comic.  I was lucky enough to be accepted, and so the
comic started it's "official run" here at BBspot.  We decided to begin with
Episode 1, albeit with an 8 month time shift from when it was originally
posted.  When you read Episode 9 and it talks about gearing up for Halloween
in the middle of May, you'll understand why.

I draw the comic for fun in my spare time and can't always keep up the
regular schedule.  Sometimes I only have time for a quick black and white
comic, other times I can spend hours on the backgrounds alone.  Much like
the rest of BBspot, I draw the comic because I enjoy doing it, and I hope that
FuzzyLogic finds a few new fans here that can enjoy it, too.



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