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Strong Child African Mining Coins Innovate in Cryptocurrency Market
Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso - The Strong Child African Mining coin debuting today on a number of different currency exchanges has a novel approach to generating coins. Most coins use a proof of stake or proof of work model for generating new coins, SCAM coin uses actual children to do the mining.
1/22/23 - Short Update
I've posted a couple stories and have done some general maintenance behind the scenes on the site, but there's still a lot of work to be done to have anything that is remotely maintainable going forward. I haven't committed myself to doing anything, and just doing this as long as it's enjoyable. First, I need get some https action going which will be a bit of work, and will probably result in some downtime. Next, since my old content management system is out of commission, I need to update to something a bit more modern. I will probably update to WordPress and have the old site available through some links to an archive. I also might be doing some Twitch streaming here.

Wizards of the Coast to Create OGL Using Dice Rolls
Renton, WA - Wizards of the Coast (WotC), creators of the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game, announced that it would scrap the newly updated version of the Open Gaming License (OGL) it released with a version purely created using rolls of a d20.
Elon Musk Announces He Will Be the Twitter Algorithm
San Francisco, CA - Using technology from Neuralink Elon Musk announced that he would interface his brain with Twitter servers and become the algorithm. "The stack is beyond help, so this really is the only solution to save Twitter. My mind will determine what appears in everyone's timeline."
1/14/2023 - Update?
Pretty obvious I haven't touched the site in years and it's fallen into disrepair. The links database that drove most of the pages got lost in the various server upgrades over the years. I have managed to recreate the archive pages thanks to the Internet Wayback Machine. I figure it's the least I can do for something I worked so hard on for 10+ years. Thankfully, the low-tech nature of the site when it was created means that none of the actual content got lost. I've posted links to the archive pages below. Thanks to everyone who supported the site. Hopefully this site will bring back some nostalgia from a time when the Internet wasn't dominated by a few tech giants, and lone creators could build sites on their own without relying on YouTube, TikTok, or some other content platform to succeed. To those wondering, I currently work for the University of Michigan Hospital and find myself in Texas of all places. My kids who sometimes graced the site, have graduated from college and started their own careers. Mrs. BBspot and I are very proud.

Valve Contracts George R. R. Martin to Complete Half-Life Story
Seattle, WA - It has been ten years since the last installment of Half-Life hit the shelves, but Gordon Freeman fans might not have much longer to wait for Half-Life 3. Valve has contracted Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin to complete the long awaited finale to the Half-Life trilogy.

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