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Called "the world's greatest tech humour site" by The Register, BBspot creates entertainment for the geekier side of the world. BBspot produces a variety of features like fake news stories satirizing the tech and political worlds, the BBspot Mailbag which pokes fun at the Believers (people who believe our fake news) and much more. BBspot was started by Brian Briggs in April of 2000 as a hobby to bring some fun to the web, but grew to the point where Brian "quit his day job" and made the site his full-time occupation in January of 2003.

Material from BBspot has been featured several times on Tech TV's The Screen Savers show, on The Discovery Channel, radio shows, major newspapers and books. BBspot has had five front page postings on Slashdot, and is very proud to be linked from the home page for Nethack. How's that for geek cred.

Getting Around

From the BBspot homepage you're only a click or two away from its original humor stories, links of the day and other fun stuff.

In the upper left corner you'll find the BBspot logo, which you can always click to get back to the homepage if you ever get lost. Isn't that convenient.

To the right of the logo you'll find links to some of the sections on BBspot, like the BBshop where you can buy BBspot apparel, the BBspot discussion board to mingle with other BBspotters and others.

Further to the right you'll find the weekly BBspot Poll. The poll changes every Friday. It's the place to make your voice heard in a humorous poll that the titans of industry ignore.

Traveling down a bit you'll see the nice BBspot banner ad, which helps keep this site running. There aren't any pop-up ads on BBspot, so if you see one you've probably got adware installed.

Under this ad you start getting to the meat of the site. Starting from the upper left you get the appropriately named Daily Links. Seven new links to interesting content elsewhere around the internet are posted each day. Some links are labeled with tags like (flash) or (paid) to let you know what to expect when you get to the page. BBspot does not link to "boobies", so you'll have to go elsewhere for that.

Under the Daily Links you'll find the features column. Links here include the BBlog which relates site news and humorous stories from the site founder Brian Briggs. Next are few flash games hosted on BBspot to pass the time. Next are links to the latest stories in our Top 11 list, Politics and Geek Horoscopes sections. After that are Classics which are some of the most popular stories on BBspot (a good place to start for beginners). Next, a link to the latest Fuzzy Logic web comic. There is also a link to our BBshop and our RSS Feed. Under Recommended Links are other sites that we find enjoyable. If you can't entertain yourself long enough on BBspot, then check out these sites. Lastly is a quick and easy way to join the weekly BBspot mailing list so you don't miss anything on the site.

In the center column entitle New Originals you will find the latest original humor pieces produced by the site's staff. Fake news stories, top 11 lists, quizzes, random generators, comics and much more. New stories are posted daily Monday through Friday, some days more than one item gets posted.

At the bottom of the Original content list is a link to the Archives which hold the hundreds of older BBspot original stories. The Archives are a great place to spend an afternoon, reading some old gems again or for the first time. Under that you can use the handy search box powered by Google to find something on the site that you are looking for.

On the top right is the BBspot webcam and Daily Personals. Each day we make fun of the Personal of the Day. Mocking a source of income for the site is a lot of fun.

As you can see there's a lot of stuff to keep you busy on BBspot on a daily basis. So enjoy your stay and come back often.

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If you are easily offended, gullible, or don't have a sense of humor, we suggest you go elsewhere. Those without the geek gene activated should also avoid this site.