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Monday, October 16 12:00 AM ET

Teen Using MySpace to Lure Bands to Los Angeles

By Brian Briggs

Los Angeles, CA – A thirteen-year-old girl posing as a record executive on MySpace has lured several bands to Los Angeles with promises of a record contract.

Members of Fonix Cat, a neopunk-country band from Kansas City, were the latest victims. They packed up their gear and headed west hoping for a record contract; instead they left with shattered dreams.

Ashley Morgan, 13, has used her 'sonymusicexec' MySpace profile to lure several bands to her Los Angeles home. Ashley was grounded so she couldn't talk to us on the phone for this report.

Fonix Cat bassist, Davin McLeod said, "Her profile was called 'sonymusicexec', how were we supposed to know it wasn't legit. I guess we should've realized she was a fake when she promised us free studio time and said she loved our music."

On arriving at Ashley's house, band members were lured inside with free pizza and Crystal Light. "How could we resist?" said McLeod. "She locked us in the basement and told us we had to play for her free. It wasn't that bad, so we stuck around for a while. Her mom eventually kicked us out."

Online band predators are such a big concern that the RIAA has created a website warning bands about the problem. The site gives a few warning signals that bands should watch out for:

  • If you think the record executive is a "nice person" then you aren't dealing with a real executive. It's common knowledge that all record executives are assholes.
  • If the contract you're being offered seems "fair" then you're dealing with an online band predator.
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One record executive who wished to remain anonymous said, "I'm not surprised. Most of these bands are as dumb as dirt. They'll fall for anything. Anyway, most record executives I know are posing as thirteen year old girls on MySpace. Ironic don't you think?"



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