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Monday, September 25 12:00 AM EDT

White and Nerdy

You've seen Weird Al's new video and now you're wondering just how white and nerdy you are? Take this quiz and find out...

Seen the video? Yes No

Wear glasses? Yes No

First in your class? Yes No

At MIT? Yes No

Skills in D & D? Yes No

Know who MC Escher is? Yes No

MC Escher is your favorite MC? Yes No

Like Earl Grey tea? Yes No

Realized the previous question was a Picard reference? Yes No

Rims don't spin? Yes No

Have an action figure collection? Yes No

Have a mint-condition action figure? Yes No

Stephen Hawking in your library? Yes No

Your MySpace page is totally pimped out? Yes No

People request to be in your top 8 friend spaces? Yes No

Know pi to 10 places? Yes No

Know pi to 1000 places? Yes No

Wear braces? Yes No

Order your sandwiches with Mayonnaise? Yes No

Beaten every level of Minesweeper? Yes No

Played a game for days? Yes No

Can program in Pascal? Yes No

Can do vector Calculus? Yes No

Have a soldering gun? Yes No

Happy Days is your favorite theme song? Yes No

Kick butt at ping pong? Yes No

Good at trivia games? Yes No

Fluent in Javascript? Yes No

Fluent in Klingon? Yes No

Rolled on a Segway before? Yes No

Ever pretended to be in a light saber fight? Yes No

Collect X-Men comics? Yes No

Ever worn a pocket protector? Yes No

Have an ergonomic keyboard? Yes No

Shop online for writeable media? Yes No

Edit Wikipedia? Yes No

Memorized lines from Monty Python and the Holy Grail? Yes No

Have a business doing websites? Yes No

Friends call you for code help? Yes No

Made a homepage for your pet? Yes No

Have a fanny pack? Yes No

Like popping bubble wrap? Yes No

White? Yes No

Ever in AV Club? Yes No

Ever in Glee Club? Yes No

Ever on the Chess Team? Yes No

Pondered who was better, Kirk or Picard? Yes No

Ever been to a Renaissance Fair? Yes No

Have your name on your underwear? Yes No

Seen the Star Wars Holiday special? Yes No

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