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Now that it's your full time job how can I support BBspot?

Monetary Support

Send Money - If your Paypal account has too much money in it, send it over to me. I've even made a handy button for you.

Buy something from one of our fine affiliates - Amazon or Despair. Support BBspot with money you were going to spend anyway.

Support the advertisers on BBspot - Clicking on ads does help. We try to get as many interesting ads as we can so you might actually WANT to click on the ads. Tell them you saw the ad on BBspot. Sounds corny, but it helps.

Community Support

Join the mailing list - The mailing list is a good way to make sure that you don't forget about BBspot.

Visit - Make it your home page, or at least a bookmark.

Link to BBspot - Do you have a blog? Lots of people do these days. Do you have a multibillion hit a month web site? That's awesome. Either way, we'll take a link from you. If you need to know how to create a link, then you probably got to this site by mistake. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Contribute to the BBspot message board. You'll meet some cool people and help build the BBspot community.

Use your connections - Leonard Nimoy is your cousin. We'd love to interview him for BBspot.

Spread the word - The more the merrier. Nothing motivates me more than a lot of visitors. Use the "recommend it" link. Submit links to your favorite link site. Share BBspot stories with your friends on message boards, instant messaging or IRC.

Let me know - about the cool link you saw in IRC or on another web site.

Let me know - If something about the site is bugging you (typo, story, design issue) tell me. It's probably bothering somebody else too. I fix problems as quickly as possible. A more professional BBspot is a more successful BBspot.

Let me know - I'm doing a good job. I never know unless you tell me. The best thing about the site is the positive feedback. Let me know you liked a particular story. Like a particular feature? Let me know so I can do more.

Let me know - If you have a story idea, funny story at work you want to share, idea for a new feature. Some of the best stories I've posted have come from outside contributors.

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