Called “the world’s greatest tech humour site” by The Register, BBspot creates entertainment for the geekier side of the world. BBspot produces a variety of features like fake news stories satirizing the tech and political worlds, the BBspot Mailbag which pokes fun at the BBelievers (people who believe our fake news) and much more. BBspot was started by Brian Briggs in April of 2000 as a hobby to bring some fun to the web, but grew to the point where Brian “quit his day job” and made the site his full-time occupation in January of 2003.

Material from BBspot has been featured several times on Tech TV’s The Screen Savers show, on The Discovery Channel, radio shows, major newspapers and books. BBspot has had five front page postings on Slashdot, and is very proud to be linked from the home page for Nethack. How’s that for geek cred.