Getting Old Sucks Daily Links

Getting Old Sucks Daily Links

Sorry I’ve been away for a bit, some family health issues. Everyone is doing ok now, but it’s stressful. Now onto the fun stuff…

Suing TikTok – We regulate a lot of addictive things, especially for children. Should social media be any different?

Pirating Fonts – Legally, IANAL.

AI-Generated Netflix – A place to stream AI-generated content.

No-Fun Zone – The Internet isn’t fun any more, except for here on BBspot.

Install Apps – Pretty useful when setting up a new machine.

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  1. Kelderek

    Sorry to hear about the stressful times, but at least everyone is doing ok again!

    FYI the Pirating Fonts link gives me a 404. Ninite is a very cool tool! If you like a more command line approach winget is built into Windows and does a decent job when run manually. I have had issues trying to automate it, especially if a program it needs to update is running. Chocolatey is another popular option for command line software installs/updates.

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