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08.22.01 - Jackrabbit
Today's comic makes me think of F7 for some reason. If anyone from PETA is reading this comic, no animals were hurt in the drawing of this strip, but I was eating a taco at the time, so at one point, a horse was ground up for my enjoyment while I drew the comic. Does that count?

For fans of Street Fighter (And who isn't?) [here] is a link for some shockwave style Dragon Punches. If you suck at that foward, down, down-forward and punch move, you can just sit back and watch little [Ninjai] in action. Chapter 5 is out and it's longer than the previous 4. And while Ninjai may be violent, at least he's not mean to puppies like [Microsoft's Steve Ballmer]. In fact, I guess Ballmer has done [worse](2.4m .mpg).
See y'all on Tuesday.

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