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10.9.01 - Jackrabbit

    It's a lot like Casablanca meets Cocoon, except that Steve Guttenburg would be playing the part of Jack/Rick. Of course the resurection of Steve's career would result in a rip in the very fabric of time and we'd all end up wearing Jelly Swatches and singing Debbie Gibson songs.

    Let's all take just a moment to appreciate the fact that Debbie Gibson has vanished from the face of the earth. Next mission: Vaporize Christina Aguilera.

    Where was I?

    Ah yes, If I'd have drawn the next panel, I would have violated several laws of decency, and one or two laws of physics. You see, the idea of Jack even *liking* an elderly person much less inferring intimacy with one... it's highly ironical.

    Also, I hereby deem that ironical shall be a word.


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