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11.26.01 - Jackrabbit

    First off, I'll start with an impromptu apology: I'm sorry. My job has demanded too much of my time for the past month and a half, and I wasn't able to find any time to do the comic. The truth is that I will probably be as busy --if not busier-- than I have been until at least the end of the year.
    The silver lining to this cloud is that when my review comes up in January, I'll probably be looking at a healthy raise, and hopefully a promotion. Only time will tell. Of course, the silver lining really only applies to me, and so you guys: my loyal readers, get the business end of the plunger. Maybe I'll staple a $20 bill to the next comic. That way, everyone wins. Well, anyone with a color printer and stupid banker, anyway.
    To those of you that wrote in to ask about the status of the comic, and even the status of the author, thanks. It meant a lot. Your gifts are on the way via email as I write this. It's only a small token, but I hope it offers you a smile or two.
    See you in the funny pages. (I've always wanted to say that)


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