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09.18.01 - Jackrabbit

    After 1700 miles of driving, the dynamic duo of Jack and CJ have finally arrived at home. Luckily, the Zombie Dortmeyer fumbled her keys in the lobby and the two beat her to the third floor by taking the elevator. They have just enough time to warn Ned and get to safety.
    We'll get to hear the story of what happened that night from each of the roommates. Perhaps it will shed some light on the Zombie Dortmeyer's unsociable attitude. Most likely it won't. I hate to confuse the story line with any sort of relevant information.
    Next episode will introduce us to Hank, the bad-tempered monkey from across the hall. He has a pronounced harelip, and an obvious limp, but his big heart makes up for his missing tail. I hope you'll all come to love him like I have.
    And for those of you still reading this, I made that whole last paragraph up. PETA wont allow me to use the limping monkey in the strip.


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